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Lady Bug Boats are constructed along the lines of the original Brockway Skiff.  Lady Bug Boats, however, are built using modern materials and technology for a more durable hull and finish.  Lady Bug Boats are designed and constructed to withstand the rough service and to meet the demands of the commercial fisherman. 

The stem is machined from 4x4 fir stock.  The transom is two AC Exterior Grade Plywood laminated with West Epoxy and screwed together plus a 3/4 motor pad in the middle for added engine support.  Transom is framed with 2x4 select lumber hemlock or pine.  Mid frames are same 2x4 doubled on bottom and sandwiched with 3/4 plywood and 3/4" gussets secured with resin glue and screws  Hullsides are 1/2 AC exterior grade plywood butt spliced with 12x3/4 plywood joints screwed and glued with West Epoxy.

Chine block is 1x4 pine secured to hullsides with West Epoxy.  Bottom is 3/4 AC exterior grade plywood secured with 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive and screws.  The hull bottom is reinforced with three 2x6 strakes running the full length of the bottom.  Endgrain edge of bottom plywood is capped with strip secured with staples and West Epoxy.

Rail is 2x6 hemlock and secured to hullsides with West Epoxy and screws. All exposed wood is sealed with Clear Sealer. Bottom is coated with one coat of Pettit Unepoxy Bottom Paint, Interior is coated with two coats of Interlux Bilgecoat Enamel.

Hullsides are primed with 2 coats of Pettit White Undercoater followed up with 2 coats Easypoxy Polyurethane Paint.  Rails are finished with 2 Coats Easypoxy Polyurethane Paint. All fasteners are Deck Mate Corrosion Resistant screws.